I can definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has practiced, planning on practicing, or even thinking about yoga. Arthur takes the viewer on his personal six-year journey in discovering yoga while incorporating the stories of other yogis and yoginis creating a true sense of how yoga is being used and viewed in the world today.

From kirtan musician Dave Stringer to a new mother to wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, Y Yoga shows just why yoga is becoming more and more popular through their easily relatable, yet very personal stories. There is not much about the technical practice; Arthur mainly focuses on the spiritual aspect of yoga and how it can be a positive tool in anyone’s life.

The movie was enhanced by stunning artwork by Robert Sturman and a great soundtrack featuring Donna De Lory, Girish, Dave Stringer, Spring and many more talented artists.

Y Yoga really captures the benefits yoga brings to anyone’s life through accounts of others who’s lives have been changed by yoga. It really answers the question “why do yoga?” and makes the viewer want to start, continue, or do more. This is definitely THE movie to see!!

JustinY Yoga Movie reviewNewton MA