Stephanie Larson

I watched “Y Yoga Movie” this am. My bladder (or the moon) woke me and I just had to watch it, beginning to end, through all the namastes. I’m typing to you under my covers with a gorgeous glowing full … Continue reading

Sofia Georgiadou

Dear Arthur i saw your movie yesterday and i loved it so much. there were scenes that tears were in my eyes. it was very sensitive approach of the meaning of yoga and i was and i am indeed very … Continue reading

Kate Rice

Hi Arthur, I’m usually not much on the email — sorry you seem to be getting a barrage!! I finally watched your movie. An excellent accomplishment with a powerful message and very impressive list of resources — a plethora of … Continue reading


i loved your movie because I found out how yoga means so many things to different people around the world. It moved me and i have recommended it to my fitness friends who do yoga namaste to you Arthur Klein … Continue reading

Alan Lowenschuss

Namaste, Arthur Y Yoga Movie is an amazing piece of work, thank you so much for this beautiful offering back to the yoga community. Our little teacher training group watched it together last night in Naples, Florida and the response … Continue reading

Michael Cremone

Hi Arthur, Bryan recommended your movie last time I was in Santa Monica. I just finished watching here in New Jersey and WOW, you got it all on film. You captured the feeling of yoga on film! Amazing! Namaste, Michael

Slim Chandra-Shekar

I am a yoga newbie and I loved this movie. It has inspired me to stay with the experience of yoga and to continue to have the exhilaration that I feel after every session, notwithstanding the aches and soreness that … Continue reading

Jessa Vallone

Thank you for creating this film Arthur. It really deserves a big audience, in my opinion. I feel the essence of yoga was delivered in a well-rounded and artful way, and that its potential audience is pretty large. The world … Continue reading


I can definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has practiced, planning on practicing, or even thinking about yoga. Arthur takes the viewer on his personal six-year journey in discovering yoga while incorporating the stories of other yogis and yoginis … Continue reading


This film will change your perspective not just on yoga, but on the world. Well worth the watch.