Kate Rice

Hi Arthur,

I’m usually not much on the email — sorry you seem to be getting a barrage!! I finally watched your movie. An excellent accomplishment with a powerful message and very impressive list of resources — a plethora of talent! Great job connecting with so many that have such unique insight. Lots of love and light!

I personally also enjoyed seeing instructors I recall from yesteryear still in it, happy and reaching out to others to spread the gift around. I practiced yoga at Germukh’s studio with first husband Brian when we were just babies in our 20’s. On occasion, I went to her home to practice (I think her husband made really yummy cookies sold in health food stores, if memory serves). She recommended a doctor who delivered Dillon into this world–a small world at that.

Thanks, I enjoyed watching your movie today!


Kate RiceY Yoga Movie reviewSanta Monica, CA