Stephanie Larson

I watched “Y Yoga Movie” this am. My bladder (or the moon) woke me and I just had to watch it, beginning to end, through all the namastes.

I’m typing to you under my covers with a gorgeous glowing full moon shining through the french doors. The beauty of being a creative communicator is skill and exercising the courage to reveal and express yourself to anyone listening. Thank you for inspiring me to honor that creative warrior in me and for making a piece I can show my friends and family in Wisconsin, marine cousins, fitness fanatics… Those are the boundary walls I’ve experienced, and haven’t known how to reach or teach them. As the moon dips into the treeline beyond my balcony, I feel blessed and guided that I am on my path of living yoga and I saw this full moon from the warmth of my bed and your movie! I’m thankful there are male yoga instructors, business men, and filmmakers getting “the word” out in the west. Be yoga.

So many yoga studios are full of women… Let’s turn on a few more good men and activate the emerging yoga community as citizens of a better world.

PS. In 4 years of living here, I’ve never seen the moon set from my bed. Namaste

Stephanie LarsonY Yoga Movie reviewLos Angeles, CA